What to Except When Putting Your Home on the Market


You can sell an Oriental rug in a garage sale, or you can ship it off to Sotheby’s. Where are you going to get the best price? Sotheby’s, of course. Because the experts provide the best exposure.

Selling your home with a licensed REALTOR® means your home will be placed in the multiple listing service, where every agent (and each one of their clients) in the market will see it – and that’s only the start.

The Daryl Smith Team provides a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s tailored to each individual home. Taking full advantage of both print and digital media, you’ll have everything from professionally created flyers to targeted exposure on every major real estate website. No buyer will miss your home in their online search, and they’ll recall all of its most outstanding details.

Not to mention, The Daryl Smith Team networks with other top-producing REALTORS® to create a strong word-of-mouth campaign among serious buyers about your home.


A house is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. It’s as simple as that.

Predicting ahead of time what a buyer will pay, though, is where The Daryl Smith Team’s local knowledge and expertise comes in handy. By analyzing the final prices of other recently sold homes in the area and taking into account your home’s unique features, The Daryl Smith Team will find the right price to quickly attract interested buyers. This allows you to make the best decision possible about your most significant asset – your home.

Curious about what your home is worth in the current market? The Daryl Smith Team will provide a Comparative Market Analysis and listing consultation for free, without any obligation on your part!



Listing with a REALTOR® increases the odds that the right buyer will discover your home. The Daryl Smith Team ensures that anybody who goes through your home is a serious, qualified buyer, and not someone who is walking through for purposes other than purchasing it.

Additionally, The Daryl Smith Team manages the showing process so you don’t have to. All buyers will be prequalified to purchase, and no one will compromise the safety and security of your home!


Selling a home is very emotional. There’s a lot at stake for both the buyer and seller, and when they work directly with each other things have the potential to get messy. The Daryl Smith Team serves as the professional between the buyer and seller, making the entire process smooth and stress-free for everyone.

Did you know … a comprehensive study of the recent housing market in 2017, conducted by Collateral Analytics, found that sellers who used a REALTOR® saw a higher final price than those who opted not to work with an agent. The Daryl Smith Team will negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best value for your home.


It’s not just about selling the house. It’s about knowing all the current regulations and staying on top of the details. Managing home sales is a complicated journey even for a seasoned professional, let alone a homeowner.

Are you aware of the legal requirements as to what you must disclose? Do you know what escrow is? What about earnest money? Do you know how to write a sales contract or where to get the sales contract from? The Daryl Smith Team knows the answers to all these questions and many more. You have advocates every step of the way who will meet every deadline and keep the transaction running smoothly.

Once your home is under contract, The Daryl Smith Team will work with your lender, inspector, attorney, and the other agent to make sure that you make it to the closing table worry-free.

LIST and SELL without the STRESS!

With The Daryl Smith Team, you get an ENTIRE TEAM for LESS than the price of one agent!

Why list with a lone REALTOR® when you can have an entire team of real estate specialists and computer-savvy marketing professionals? Each Team member provides over-the-top service with contagious energy, drive, and focus. No question is irrelevant, no concern too small. We’re here to supply you with accurate information so you can make the most informed decisions possible.