Sellers: It’s the little things…..

It’s the little things …

Sometimes it’s refreshing to take a step back in life and appreciate “the little things” such as a colorful sunrise or sunset, or the happy sound of children laughing, or a beautiful yard full of nicely trimmed bushes and gardens.  First impressions are always important which is why Toledo area homeowners who take a few minutes here and a few minutes there to do the little things, are the ones that get the positive results!

Starting on the outside to make sure your first impression is positive, be sure to take a minute to sweep your front porch of dirt and grime and stray leaves.  If you have shutters, make sure they are secure and free of spider webs and bees’ nests.  These things can be done with a pillow case over your broom and knocked out in a few minutes after you sweep off the porch!  Be sure your outside garbage cans are along the side of your home and out of sight from the front.  All toys, hoses, bicycles, rakes or snow shovels (depending on the season), and garden tools should be collected and put neatly away in the garage or storage shed.  Be sure to make your front sidewalk and driveway visible for potential buyers by clearing a path from snow and ice to your front door, especially this time of year.  Not only does it show you want your home to feel inviting, but it also makes your home safe to approach.   These “little things” can make a big difference when creating a first impression for your home before potential buyers even walk in the front door.

Once inside, the front entrance should be cleared of any school backpacks, shoes, coats or purses.  These items should be stored in the hall closet or the appropriate bedroom closet.  Other “little things” that should be considered throughout the house include making sure all lights have bright light bulbs; wiping fingerprints off the staircase banister and light switches; clearing your refrigerator of artwork “masterpieces” and those handy pizza magnets; storing all unnecessary counter appliances to eliminate the clutter; sweeping the floors and putting vacuum sweeper marks in your carpets to show cleanliness; pulling down any cob webs at the ceiling line and in any corners of your rooms; and making sure your closets are as tidy and as orderly as possible.  You definitely want prospective buyers to think you have sufficient storage!  Another good rule of thumb is if it hasn’t been used in months, put it away; you can always get it out when you need it again.

One last thought to ponder as you put your home up for sale is the topic of “smells”.  What may be your favorite aroma might not be another’s, so opt to go with light, clean smells.  It’s always a good bet to make someone aware of your cleanliness versus your love of Aunt Judy’s chocolate cake!  Be sure not to overpower that fresh, clean smell as you don’t want people to assume you are “hiding” a pet smell or last night’s burnt pot roast, so go lightly.

If you try to make your home as appealing and uncluttered, simple and clean as a home you would be looking to purchase, you’ll find these little things will make a great impression on the majority of buyers in today’s real estate market.