So March…We’ve been Waiting For You.

   cabin fever blog photo 


 “In Like a Lion … Out Like a Lamb” —A sense of uncertainty.

“March Madness”—un-predictability!

“Spring Break”— A little bit of crazy.

“Cabin Fever”—Get us out of here!

What do all of these things have in common? Well, they are all related to the month of March. “In like a lion, out like a lamb” … This is weather-related and is meant to give the meaning of a strong, powerful weather pattern giving way to a softer, more gentle ending. “March Madness”, of course to all of us sports fans, is that much-anticipated but dreaded bracket that we fill out and is ruined by that one Cinderella team that comes out of nowhere and changes everything … The unpredictability is what gives us the thrill. For all those students and their parents:  oh, how well we know the “Spring Break Crazy” … That longed-for week of freedom and reprise from studying day-in and day-out. Which brings us right to the saying, “Cabin Fever”, which we all are feeling this year maybe a little more than ever before with our record-setting winter! Yes, March is one of those months that really gets us stirring!

I believe the real estate market, buyers and sellers alike, can really relate and almost mirror what this month is all about. Let’s start with a sense of uncertainty. When buyers and sellers are trying to make that decision to list or buy a new property there will always be a little apprehension. This is where REALTORS® with their knowledge and experience come into play. They can help build confidence in your decision to buy, sell or stay put.

Unpredictability may be a synonym for the real estate market. That is not to say there isn’t some predictability to it. In fact there are many statistics and studies that show the way the market works and responds at any particular time. This is also when your REALTOR®  will come in handy.

A little bit of crazy … So many decisions, so many questions. Can I afford a new home? Is it the best time to buy or sell? Where do I need to price my home so I can get what I need to purchase a new home but not price myself out of the market? It can about drive you crazy. Let your REALTOR®  do the research for you. Let them ask the questions then direct you to the professionals that will help you with the answers. Your REALTOR®  can help calm the crazy.

We can all admit cabin fever has gotten the best of us this year. What are we yearning for besides warmth and green grass? Do we want something new? Do we want more inside space or is acreage calling our name? What is our “cabin “worth? Is there a new home that will make our dreams come true? Let your REALTOR®  help you decide. This feeling of “Get us out of here” encourages the real estate market to start moving. When you are ready to sell your home it produces more inventory for buyers who are ready to purchase your home; this helps get the market moving.

So March … we have been waiting for you! Go ahead and come in like a lion.  We are ready! Be unpredictable … you always are. We don’t mind a little bit of crazy; it’s what spurs us on. And when our fevers break and we get out, hopefully there are many new places to call home.

Let the “season” begin!

Oh wait, we can’t forget St. Patrick’s day!!! We all need a little Luck!!!