First Impressions Count; There Is No Way Around It…

The impression a homeSuccessful-staging-is-key-to-selling-your-home-quickly-and-at-the-best-price buyer gets when they drive up or walk into your home can truly make or break the sale of your property. I like to compare staging your home to dressing for success. When you choose an outfit, you want the overall look to be well put together and memorable without going overboard. Your home, like your outfit, should be clean, crisp and pressed. Windows clean, sidewalks swept, flower beds weeded. Remove all of your lawn ornaments and items that may clutter your yard or personalize your home. Instead, put one nice flower pot on the porch. It would be like wearing a pair of plain gold earrings; they work with everything and appeal to the masses.

When buyers walk through that front door, it is like the first handshake. Contact has been made and details start to be noticed. First impression, again, becomes important. The smell of your house is like your fragrance; make it light and fresh, not over powering. When the buyer enters your home, make sure you have highlighted its strengths and down played its weaknesses. If the windows in your home are beautiful, make sure your window treatments are minimal and the windows show and are squeaky clean. The same concept works if your eyes are one of your best assets; play them up with makeup so they stand out. Don’t wear a bright orange shirt or a crazy print blouse; be conservative. The same goes when you choose paint colors and accessories; neutrals will please most buyers. Don’t get me wrong, great wall colors and funky prints have their place, but let’s leave those options and decisions to the buyers … when they become the owners.

Remove the clutter in your home! Don’t wear three bracelets, four rings and two necklaces; choose one! Repair and clean your floors; remove carpet stains; and polish your hardwood … shine your shoes! When you choose your first impression outfit, make sure your shirt is tucked in, your collar is down and your belt is fastened. Staging is the same; it means giving your home a once over and putting its best face forward. Make it as inviting and presentable as you possibly can. People notice and they “will” remember. There is only one chance for that first impression … make it count!

The Daryl Smith Team can help advice home owners on the staging of their home to help get it market-ready. A professional stager is available if you should want that service. Feel free to contact Daryl or any member of the Daryl Smith Team at or (419)324-7272 for any advice or information in regards to your property.