Feeling Lucky???

Postcard-BackgroundWhen was the last time you played the lottery, or went to Toledo’s Hollywood Casino to play a little black jack, or simply joined some friends at a local school’s silent auction to raise money for a charity?  Northwest Ohio is full of places you can try your luck and win big, but did you know sellers play that same numbers game when putting their home up for sale?  Sure!  As a seller, you always hope for high odds that that next buyer will love your floor plan, your granite kitchen, your expansive 1st floor master suite, your warm and cozy family room with a stunning stone gas fireplace, or your meticulously manicured landscaping.  Truth is you are playing a numbers game.

While this numbers game can be frustrating at times, sellers can also “stack the deck” in their favor by listening to their REALTOR® and implementing suggestions when prepping their home (see blog Sellers:  It’s the little things … January 21, 2013).  My proven listing presentation takes the guess work out of the equation for sellers as I will pinpoint things homeowners need to accomplish before putting their home up for sale to make it more appealing to the mass numbers of the general public.  If need be, I can also recommend a professional stager who can make additional recommendations to rearrange current furniture and personal décor, also appealing to the mass numbers.  These ideas go a long way in “freshening up” your home and “stacking the deck” eliminating buyer objections.

Another way to positively play the odds is to act on the honest and candid feedback we provide after each showing (if the buyers’ agent shares such comments!).  We know that selling your personal home is a personal thing, but the feedback is not intended to be taken personally.  We collect this information to understand what is going through buyers’ heads.  Once we have several showings under our belt, one thing to look for is any kind of consistent feedback that we can do something about.  We had a vacant home that kept getting comments about a strange/foul odor in the garage.  We suggested the seller air it out and place an air freshener in the corner … that obstacle was eliminated.  Some feedback we can’t control (i.e., property taxes, small backyard, no formal dining room, shared driveway, too much yard work, etc.) and we just have to look forward to the next showing.  But if we consistently hear comments about “value for the price” or “carpet looks a little worn” or “feels dark inside”, we may need to re-evaluate our pricing strategy or rent a carpet cleaner or open the curtains and blinds for each showing.  And remember, it’s not personal!

Sellers often understand from their personal experience in house-hunting, buyers “just know” when they walk into a home if it “feels” right.  They have to then evaluate if it has all the criteria that they are looking for.  That initial “feel” is what controls a lot of people’s emotions and initial decision making.  Make sure you stack the odds in your favor when putting your home up for sale and start feeling lucky!