Buyer and Seller Preparation

When purchasing or selling a home, you must prepare for the task at hand.  The juxtaposition between success and failure can be separated by taking the time to prepare; it can also make the difference between a tenuous process and a smooth process.  Even if you are an experienced buyer or seller, many factors have changed over the past 3-5 years and you must adapt to the changes of the market as expectations have changed in many ways.  Approaching the market with reality in mind will allow you to obtain success and feel as if you have met or exceeded your goal.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  If you are a buyer you should not put the cart before the horse.  A prospective buyer needs to start with the financial side of the purchase before getting excited about the home itself.  If you have the cash on hand to purchase, fantastic!  The reality is most buyers need a loan to purchase a home.  Some take a loan because they want to take advantage of the low interest rates, others because they feel the interest on a primary home loan is one of their only tax deductions and yet others feel they can earn a greater rate of return in other investments than what the interest rate is going to be on their home loan.  The requirements for home loans at all price points have gotten tougher and you must be prepared to prove your qualifications to the lender.  Some loans will be handled by a private banker and others by the traditional loan originator.  A qualified loan specialist will educate you on the type of loan you qualify for or need to purchase your home of choice.  Some of the options are conventional, FHA, VA portfolio, Jumbo, to name a few.  Send me an email at or call me and I will make certain you have a qualified lender walk you through the loan process specific to your needs.

As a seller, you will need to put a different perspective on your preparation process.  The real question that needs to be answered is what would expect to see if you were out looking for a home to purchase.   Looking at the sale of your home from a buyer’s perspective will help you with what you need to accomplish as you ready your home to place it on the market for sale.  Even though we are seeing some signs of a more balanced market, it is still very competitive and you need to make your home stand out in a positive way versus your competition.  Making certain your home is meticulously clean and de-cluttered is your starting point.  Since you are moving, take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of items you have not used in the last several years.  It will help you sell your home as well as make your move a little easier.  It is hard to achieve perfection when preparing your home, but many times making a few staging changes can go a long way.  For a more complete list of items to do in preparation for selling your home, call me or go to my website at , sellers tab and then printable moving check list.  I will email it to you upon your request.

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