Temporary or Corporate Housing

When it comes to moving, timing is everything.  Your new home may not be ready when you are, causing a gap and leaving you in limbo.  Temporary housing bridges this gap.

There are three main options for temporary housing.  The price and variations depend on the length of time you will need them.

  1. If you only need a few days, a regular hotel is a great option.  Not all hotels allow pets so be sure to ask the questions for your specific needs.
  2. If you need a week or longer, an extended stay type hotel may better suit your needs with lower rates and more amenities.  This type offers a more home-like atmosphere with full kitchens and laundry facilities or services.
  3. If your situation causes a larger gap in time frame of moving out of your current home and into your new home, renting an apartment or house might be best.  You may be able to find fully furnished units or homes, depending on your needs and location.

Other items to consider:

  • How much space and bedrooms do you need?
  • What price can you afford?
  • Location in reference to new home, schools, work, etc.
  • Special needs
  • Amenities

Many college towns are a good place to look for short term housing rentals.  Keeping your options open and looking in a variety of neighborhoods may help your chances in finding something that suits your needs and your budget.

Research the hotel, apartment, or housing location.  Get advice and personal feedback from your friends and family as well.