Moving – Transferring Utilities

No one enjoys calling the utility companies to start and stop service, but it is a necessity.  The website offers an online solution, but if you plan on doing it yourself, here are some tips.

Contact the customer service department for each utility at least two weeks before your moving date.  Schedule the utilities to have a final reading at your current place for the day after you move and to be placed in your name at your new home the day before you move.  This ensures you will have lights, water, etc. when you need them, throughout your move.

Ask your utility companies to send you final readings and make sure you receive a copy of their bill or report.  Give the utility companies your new address so they can send the final bill.  Be sure to pay any late bills, and collect any deposits or refunds owed to you.  Be sure to keep a list of the utility companies’ contact information with you when you move in case you need to make contact with them in the future. Ask me for my list of important telephone numbers and addresses for the Toledo and surrounding suburbs.