Moving – Medical Records

Be prepared. If you are moving away from your current city, ask all of your current doctors, dentists and specialists for copies of your medical records. If you already have a new doctor then you can request that they forward copies directly to them. Not all places do this and some charge an administration fee. Another downside is that it is usually not a high priority for them to ship your records and it could take a month or two for them to arrive at your new doctor’s office.

If you are currently taking any prescription medication, be sure to ask your doctor or pharmacy for the longest medication supply possible. This may only be 30 days, but could be up to a 90 day supply. This will allow you ample time to get settled at your new home and find a pharmacy location. Make sure you have a list of your medications with dosage amounts, as well as the pharmacy name, phone number, and city/state information. This will allow for a smooth transition of your medication.