Buyers….Our Team Can Help!

As home buying specialists, The Daryl Smith Team will help you:

  • Find the best home for your needs
  • Negotiate the lowest price
  • Secure the best financing
  • Meet your home buying needs with the least amount of hassle

And none of our services will cost you a penny.

3 key benefits to home loan pre-approval:

  • You know exactly how much home you can afford and what price range you are comfortable purchasing (eliminating wasted time looking at homes that are under or over your price range)
  • You get the best financing (i.e., lowest interest rate, lowest down payment, home loan, and lowest monthly payment which will allow you to get the most house for your money).
  • You can make a stronger offer (you get the power of immediate action, you can beat out other buyers, and you can negotiate the lowest price and best terms).

No more searching through the paper for homes. You get automatic access to hot new listings before other buyers.

No more wasted time viewing homes a real estate agent has picked out that don’t interest you.  You only receive homes that match your criteria, and YOU pick the homes you want to see.

No more pressure (most agents pick out 6-8 homes and try to sell you one of them).  You pick out as many homes as you want to see and there’s never any pressure to buy.

No more overpaying for the home you want.  Because you’re there first, you can often avoid bidding wars.

You are backed by our specialized knowledge and you get the house you want at the lowest possible price.